The COVID-19 effect: What will be the new gold standard?

This pandemic, while it underscores the fact that we are a global community, it also has undoubtedly served to polarize perceptions.  As debates rage on about the need for safety and precaution vs. then cry for liberty and freedom of choice, our realities will indelibly shift even after this crisis subsides.

This new phenomenon of social distancing or rather proximity distancing to be more accurate has forced industry leaders to rethink how content gets executed.  It is no easy task given the tried and true way of working has been the gold standard for so many years.

While Sweden and Demark are allowing filming again under very strike guidelines, including working with leaner film crews, less talent, and sequential workflows, prohibiting buffet-style meals, freestanding food stations, cleaning and ventilation protocols and much more.  The Nordic Film Guide predicts that these measures will decrease productivity by 10%.    It seems to be a much more daunting task here in the States with the added layer of dealing with liability and multiple faceted union obligations.  What will productivity look like for the film industry in the U.S.?

It is more important than ever to understand the big picture and to find innovative ways of executing great creative content that is on budget, on-time with the added precautions required to keep everyone safe.

Photo by SharedGrid on Unsplash.