The Ad Agency Producer: A Creative Operations Consultant’s Perspective

"Trust" The Oxford dictionary defines Trust as the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. • Gaining the Trust of the Client means getting to know them and having a good understanding of the advertiser's business goals by listening, translating, interpreting, and solving • Remembering that they are essentially

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Making Effective Decisions

Making Effective Decisions When should an Advertiser share production budgets? The debate around how to allocate advertising budgets is not a new concept, whether you are a start-up or an established brand.  When marketers deliberate about how best to optimize dollars and get the most and best from their agency partners, the question around when and

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The COVID-19 effect: What will be the new gold standard?

The COVID-19 effect: What will be the new gold standard? This pandemic, while it underscores the fact that we are a global community, it also has undoubtedly served to polarize perceptions.  As debates rage on about the need for safety and precaution vs. then cry for liberty and freedom of choice, our realities will indelibly shift

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The COVID-19 Effect Dealing with Content Execution in the “Interim.”

The COVID-19 Effect Dealing with Content Execution in the “Interim.” Ad Agencies and outside creative partners are exploring and, in some cases, already executing innovative ways of execution content including remote filming where clients interact with directors via live streaming with collaboration platforms, like Microsoft Teams and Cinebody.  Companies like Media Monks, who are accommodating social

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The COVID-19 Effect

The COVID-19 Effect Has this pandemic pushed the reset button on Marketing? With the drastic change in the consumer’s buying priorities, marketers are quickly scrambling to shift their brand narrative to focus on immediate need, civic responsibility, and cause marketing. As a result, they are also reallocating and, in many cases reducing marketing dollars to navigate

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