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Case Studies

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Production Management & Cost Control

Brand Campaigns with Big Ideas & limited Budgets

When a company prioritizes its resources for R&D; marketing dollars must be managed as efficiently as possible. How Can a Company support brand love and engage consumers through advertising campaigns with limited funding?

Creed Consulting service accomplished this for Samsung by identifying opportunities for cost reduction while maintaining creative integrity through 3 key action:

#1 – process optimization

#2 – collaborating with agency

#3 – negotiating associated

Creed Consulting Services maintained a 5 YOY 15% average savings record for award winning-campaigns across the Brand Portfolio

Organization & Process Design

Limited connectivity around creative the development and execution between internal teams, external ad agency and franchise partners

  •  Creed Consulting Services Designed an organizational model to link brand teams, internal creative teams and agency partners
  •  Identified required competencies, assessed and aligned individual capabilities to enhance creative ideation and adaptation
  •  Developed content studio workflow to integrate and meet the needs of franchise partners
  • Better Internal alignment between in-house content studio and agency partners.
  • Increased alignment on brand strategy and the  adaptation of creative ideas which allowed the in-house studio to more effectively provide content and guide external content execution with franchisee partners
  • Facilitating a more collaborative relationships and better monitoring of creative output to ensure Brand integrity.

Production Management & Cost Control

The Company’s portfolio of brands needed to leverage the strengths of each social platform by addressing 3 key operational issues:

Speed.  The average real time post took over 6 hours to identify create and publish, simply too long in the world of social media.

Risk.  The organization was often unwilling to alter its traditional marketing approach to leverage real time opportunities.

Inconsistency. Multiple agencies represented 14 brands with little or no standard practice for social listening, community management or defining the KPI’s that would measure success.

The first step in the transformation was assessing different operating models within the social space.  This work revealed the importance of organizing around 3 key social disciplines, listening and monitoring, content management and creation and social media buying.

From there, key partners were identified to lead each discipline, reducing the list of partner agencies by half.

Finally, a structure was created to organize the portfolio of brands into 3 squads, each squad was staffed with a dedicated team made up of analysts, strategists, project managers, community managers, creatives, and media buyers, allowing each of the brands to develop smarter, better and faster social activation.

The positive results were seen almost immediately in addition to higher engagement rates and lower CPM’s; social center yielded over 16% savings in non-working DME after its 1st year of operation.